Digital EPIC 2 Transmitter

(Image shows three version; Resin & 316SS, Aluminum Explosion Proof and Stainless Steel Explosion Proof)

The Digital EPIC-2 is a second generation of our very successful EPIC transmitter.

A digital position transmitter is a device that electronically measures a valve’s position and creates a feedback signal of the valve’s actual position using analog and/or bus technology. This signal is used as an input (AI), (typically 4 to 20mA) reporting a valve’s true position to the plant’s control system.

The Digital EPIC-2 is an intelligent valve position transmitter designed especially for safety valves. Its advanced diagnostics functions enable Emergency Shutdown monitoring (ESM), Full Stroke Testing (FST), Partial Stroke Testing (PST), and Solenoid Operated Valve Testing (SOVT) to be carried out efficiently and reliably, to ensure effective maintenance of your SIL, up to level 3.

Its sophisticated diagnostic functions lower the total cost of ownership by suggesting predictive maintenance of the valve under operation before it fails and interrupts the process, with intelligent alarms that pinpoint the root cause of problems, enabling you to ensure effective maintenance and operational integrity of your safety valves.


In addition to all the features in the Digital EPIC 1, the Digital EPIC 2 has the following features:

  • Full Auto Calibration / or independent auto-zero and auto-span calibrations
  • Partial and Full Stroke Test
  • Historical Data storage on board the device
  • Integrator, Installer, Baseline Signatures as well as 4 Maintenance Signature storage
  • Stores multiple trends
  • Pressure Sensors provide information regarding air supply
  • Field upgradable
  • Solenoid Pulse Test – Pulses solenoid with no actuator movement

For more information contact our sales team. 
John Bergh
Bjørnar Stald
René Sortvik
Morten Steinset
Egil Olsen
Helge Olsen
Jon Olav Bjørhusdal
Iver Roen Velo
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Digital EPIC 2 Transmitter

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