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In December 1969, Phillips Petroleum announced that they had found oil and gas in the Ekofisk field in the North Sea. Since J.S.Cock was already a well-established valve supplier at the time and had extensive experience in this area, we became the link between manufacturers and oil companies. We are experts at delivering valves and equipment that meet the requirements of Norway's fast-growing oil and gas industry.

Oil & Gas

AMMtech Industrial Valves Download ( 2.36 MB )
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JSC M-Tech Quadax 4-Offset Butterfly Valve with Compact Flange Download ( 4.44 MB )
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Norsk Spesialolje operates Norway's largest used oil treatment plant with facilities in Kambo and Grenland. After used oil has been treated, it can be used as an inexpensive fuel oil for mid-sized production facilities or as raw material for re-refining. During re-refining, all impurities are removed from used lube oil, returning a base oil equal to virgin base oil. J.S.Cock is proud to be part of Norsk Spesialolje's latest state-of-the-art re-refining facility. We provided both actuated and manual valves for tanks, re-refining and filling.

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Morten Steinset

Product Manager
Division Manager Fuelling, Tank Farms & Defence
M: +47 977 28 296 
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Dept: Oslo/Arendal

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