Facade improvement, 5 apartment buildings


The customer requested a simple yet robust paint system to be used for the project. Power Coat “3 in 1” was chosen for its ability to serve as primer, intermediate and top coat on virtually all surfaces such as steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, fiber glass, most hard plastics and concrete.

Power Coat “3 in 1” had already been used for the Løvåsen housing cooperative eleven years ago. Only one coat was applied at that point, however, so that dark colors were starting to fade and paint was flaking off in some places. But even after eleven years and pressure washer cleaning, Power Coat “3 in 1” remained as adhesive as ever. The housing cooperative signed a 20 year-maintenance contract with KTV Group.


Power Coat “3 in 1” is a high-quality, modified one-component polyester paint with excellent adhesive powers and very low solvent content.

The customer chose a paint system based on the following criteria:
• abrasion resistance
• good adhesion to the most common surfaces
• long Lifetime
• primer, intermediate and top coat in one
• good adhesion to edges

The customer ultimately chose Power Coat “3 in 1”, which turned out to be an excellent choice.

The housing cooperative also decided to use Power Coat Basak WW for all their foundation walls.


Cleaning and degreasing agent

Power Coat “3 in 1”: touch up and two coats on all panels

Power Coat Basak WW: two coats on all foundation walls


Contractor: KTV Group