Jotobico Holding

J.S.Cock AS is part of the Jotobico Holding Group. The valve group of Jotobico Holding AS consists of the following valve companies:

Jotobico Holding AS has substantial knowledge and experience within the valve industry and associated products to the Offshore-, Petrochemical-, Shipping and Hydropower industry.  Over the last years, JOTHOL has given all companies significant capital grants, in order for each company to accept and handle large complex orders, as well as to be able to increase sales.


J.S. Cock AS was founded by Jens Sigvald Cock in 1897. Today, 118 years later, the company has 35 employees that are dispersed throughout the main office in Oslo and branch offices in Arendal, Bergen and Stavanger.  

Presently, JSC is a leading supplier of valves, instruments and complete valve packages for Shipping-, Offshore-, Petrochemical-, Food & Beverage-, Pharmaceutical-, Hydroelectric Power and the Paper & Pulp industry.  

The JSC Corporate Office in Oslo has 2000 m2 with warehouse and service facilities. The warehouse and sales office in Arendal and Bergen carries special stock for local industries.


Head Office J.S.Cock - Oslo

Severn Norge AS
is owned through a joint venture between J.S Cock AS and Severn Glocon Group plc. Collectively, both businesses have huge expertise in the supply, repair and manufacture of valve for the Oil & Gas Sector, and in the provision of valve management services and providing technical support configured to ensure long term reliability, effective valve performance and best use of inventory.

Severn Unival Ltd is the Severn Glocon Group’s valve management specialist, and has over 30 years experience in providing technical troubleshooting, performance upgrading, PSV compliance management and inventory support to North Sea Operators.

J. S. Cock is a well renowned Norwegian owned and based valve supply company, able to supply from stock or to purchase on demand, the full range of Norsok compliance valves required for the Norwegian off-shore industry.


Head Office Severn Norge - Bergen

Prosessventiler AS
specialises in the supply and service of high-quality valves to markets such as oil and gas, both on- and off-shore, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and paper industries, the energy sector, ship-building, water and sewage utilities and other processing industries.

The company was formed in 1998, with its corporate office, including warehouse and service facilities in Kolbotn, located just outside Oslo.

In addition, there are subsidiary companies in Sweden and France. Building on solid experience and customer focus, PV provides solutions for their clients, for complex projects with high level of engineering and documentation. PV has a comprehensive stock of valves and related products for day-to-day deliveries from their 1200m² warehouse.



Head Office Prosessventiler - Kolbotn

Engelsbergs Ventiler AB
is a manufacturing company located in Fagersta, Sweden, and is owned by Prosessventiler AS.

Engelsberg has manufactured valves since 1949 and can offer a wide selection of vales in high quality. They can adapt solutions to their customers with importance to dimension, pressure and choice of material and design, all with short delivery times.

Our philosophy is to, in close cooperation with the customer, design and manufacture valves via internal and external knowledge.

In their subsidiary company, Engelsbergs Ventilservice AB, they can offer service and maintenance of technically advanced valves, especially on process-industrial applications and nuclear power plants

The valves are normally manufactured in stainless steel - type SS 2343 - is designed for corrosive liquids and gases. Most types of valves are also available in high-alloy stainless steel, Hastelloy and titanium for especially demanding of environments, such as sea water, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid solutions and moist chlorine gas.



Head Office Engelsbergs Ventiler AB - Fagerstad

Norwegian Valve Group AS
has extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

The company work with only few but solution-oriented suppliers of valves for typical applications in the offshore industry such as Trunnion Ball Valves (AST), True Conduit Gate Valves, (ATS), Swing Check Valves (AST) Servers Service Control Ball Valves (AST), Choke Valves , Axial Control Valves (N-Line) Gate, Globe & Check (Maiolo + Vecca), Pressure-and Temperature Measurement and Switches (Aschroft), Non-Contact Ball Valves (Valbart) and Composite Ball and Butterfly Valves (Nil-Cor)


Head Office Norwegain Valve Group AS - Oslo